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Value Added Wednesday Virtual

5 Steps to Feeling Lighter and Being Brighter

1) Discover what is holding you back from having more joy in your life
2) Adding more activities, things and people that bring you joy
3) Identify and eliminate your biggest distractions
4) Leaning into your feelings
5) Creating customized daily practices for connecting to your true self

As a child of divorce parents, living with her dad, she often didn’t feel safe. Left at home on her own without supervision, she barely graduated from high school and felt like a lost cause.

Her lack of confidence, self-worth, value and focus in earlier years led her to embark on some serious self-discovery. She began to realize her value, and continued to build her self-confidence and self-worth over the years. She found her passion—and started leading workshops, to support other women to finally forgive and increase their confidence and self-worth.
In her three decades of working with over 1,500 people in over 1,000 hours of workshops, Jodie has discovered that her Forgiveness Solution is a tool that enables her clients to look at the blocks that are keeping them from being the magical selves they were born to be. Jodie’s customized programs and strategies assist her clients to move through life feeling lighter and being brighter.

Married to her husband Philip for over 37 years, she loves playing with her two cats, spending time at the beach, spending time with girlfriends, and she studies astrology, numerology, and angels.

Date: March 29, 2023 @ 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

Cost: First-Time Guest – $0

Location: Virtual


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