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Value Added Wednesday Virtual

That’s right it’s not rocket science it’s personality science!!

People are different so why keep saying the same things to everyone?

How many time have you heard – Sales is a numbers game! (Is it??)

You need lots of ‘No’s’ to get a yes?? (are you sure?)

Opposites attract and then attack!! (why is that?)

Are you out-going and your child is a loner & just wants to read?

Is your child a gamer and doesn’t want to play with others?

Are you a Hugger, a Hi fiver, or would rather hand someone a business card, or do you prefer a formal hand shake? Which one are you? and find out why

Maria Fontaine will be your next special speaker! That’s right I will be sharing with you “The Secret, The Science, The System, and The Solution” of Codebreaker Global! (B•A•N•K•)

For the last 7 years I have been a trainer for B•A•N•K• I will show you how people buy and how they buy into YOU!!

My next “Value Added Wednesday” is going to be an informative evening filled with fun, authenticity, processes and the solution you’ve been looking for!

Stop by and bring a friend or two!! Kick back with your favorite evening drink & yummy pastry! I’ll bring the Tea!

Wednesday – April 10th at 6pm (pst)

Please register asap & post your flyer on my Hartlink Network fb group:

Register: https://bit.ly/DowneyHeart

fb Group: https://bit.ly/HLNW-Downey

Date: April 10, 2024 @ 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM Pacific Standard Time

Cost: First-Time Guest – $0 USD Standard – $0 USD

Location: Event Offered Virtually


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