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Smart & Effective VIRTUAL Business Networking Event for Women

🤖 **Embark on a Journey into Artificial Intelligence!** 🤖

Kerri Quirt is a seasoned business strategist, educator, and advocate for ethical marketing practices. With over four decades of experience in client service, she has cultivated a passion for helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses through innovative products and services. Leveraging her diverse background in education, technology, and business development, Kerri is driven to empower others in their entrepreneurial journey.

As an educator, Kerri creates engaging learning experiences that accommodate diverse learning styles, drawing from her own experiences and challenges faced by her daughter as a kinesthetic learner. Recognizing the potential of AI integration, Kerri has developed a tailored program that equips small business owners with practical strategies for leveraging AI tools and techniques.

A firm believer in ethical marketing, Kerri advocates for authenticity, integrity, and transparency in an industry where these qualities are paramount. She prioritizes building trust and fostering meaningful connections, setting her apart as a forward thinking professional committed to driving sustainable growth.
Beyond her professional pursuits, Kerri cherishes quality time with family and friends, values personal growth and continuous learning, and finds inspiration and solace in nature and the power of mindfulness.

Create deeper connections faster with Smart & Effective Virtual Business Networking for Entrepreneurial Women!
Heart Link Network Worldwide elevates entrepreneurial women through community, networking opportunities and resources that create accelerated growth. We are committed to fostering heartfelt and meaningful connections that empower women worldwide to rise and prosper together. We call it “Collective Prosperity”!

Our Core Values are:
🤖 Friendship First
🤖 We Complete Not Compete
🤖 Always Add Value
🤖 We Rise by Lifting Others

Join us to turn your online connections into real relationships! Increase your impact and become a more valuable resource for our community to use and refer!

Date: April 11, 2024 @ 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Cost: Standard – $0 CAD

Location: Event Offered Virtually

Event Registration
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