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F.O.C.U.S. Friday – Join Heart Link Network Worldwide
Looking for Women Leaders to join me in building a community of empowered, heart-centered women who want to lead, teach and inspire each other while making an impact in the world. Please join us for our first Virtual Heart Link Colorado Springs, CO Chapter Networking Event. Our sister chapters in Charlotte, NC, and Frisco, TX, will join the fun.

Get Ready to meet, greet, network, mastermind, and brainstorm “what is possible” for our futures together. We honor responsibility, opportunity, authenticity, and self-mastery.
As one empowered woman to another, join us if this resonates with you!

Self-awareness: An empowered woman is open to learning about herself. She builds systems and structures to follow and improve on her strengths, weaknesses, values, and beliefs. She provides a space to understand emotions and manage them effectively.

Confidence: An empowered woman believes in herself and her abilities. She has a positive self-image and is unafraid to take risks and try new things.

Resilience: An empowered woman can handle setbacks and challenges with grace and perseverance. She does not let failure or obstacles discourage her from pursuing her goals.

Independence: An empowered woman is self-sufficient and does not rely on others to define her worth or provide for her needs. She is capable of making her own decisions and taking care of herself.

Empathy: An empowered woman is compassionate and empathetic towards others. She understands the importance of supporting and uplifting other women and works towards building a more equitable society.

Advocacy: An empowered woman uses her voice and platform to advocate for herself and others. She speaks up against injustice and works towards creating positive change in her community.

Lifelong Learner: An empowered woman is committed to lifelong learning and personal growth. She seeks opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills and is open to feedback and constructive criticism.

Authenticity: An empowered woman is true to herself and her values. She does not feel the need to conform to societal expectations or fit into a specific mold. She embraces her uniqueness and celebrates the diversity of others.

Heart Link Network Worldwide

Build New Relationships
Our main goal at the Heart Link Network Worldwide is to help our attendees develop long-lasting, authentic relationships that deepen and continuously grow. We consider ourselves a sisterhood connected through business and bonded by heart.
When your referral network grows this way, everyone’s success increases, and these relationships expand outside the boardroom.

Mission Statement:
To elevate entrepreneurial women’s businesses and lives by uniting, collaborating, networking, nurturing, mentoring, and providing growth opportunities. We are committed to linking women from the heart and supporting genuine connections that build prosperity through meaningful and strategic relationships.

Vision Statement:
To Empower Women Worldwide to Fulfill Their Potential and Realize their Dreams

Our Core Values:
Friendship First:
We establish meaningful relationships and genuinely care about one another as human beings. This philosophy leads to quality referrals, conversions, collaborations, and strategic partnerships.

We Complete Not Compete:
We all work together for the greater good, even when representing the same industry. There is room at the table for everyone, and there are always women “in the room” who you are just the perfect person to serve.

Always Add Value:
Whether you attend an in-person meeting, a virtual event, or engage in one of our online communities, our philosophy is “give to grow”! Serve others first. Being generous with your gifts and talents earns you more referrals and loyal clients.

Date: April 14, 2023 @ 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM Mountain Standard Time



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